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Jan 2021

Editors Page

Well, things aren't getting much better, are they? It is frightening to see how many of our much-loved pubs have almost morphed into restaurants. Some have already closed, some for good and others for the time being.

What with the see-saw changes in the rules, my local, for example, has gone from a local village pub with good real ale to a restaurant with just a few keg beers. Who can blame them? It can be difficult enough to keep a good choice of quality cask ales at the best of times in a village but I completely agree with their decision to suspend cask ale sales for the duration. They are a business, after all, and like all hospitality venues they are operating in very difficult circumstances.

If we are going to come out of this pandemic and still have a choice of pubs then we all have to be patient and sensible.

Strange though it may seem, even in the middle of the crisis, one or two pubs that had closed have re-opened under new management. Good luck to them and we hope that their gamble pays off when all this is over.

Jack Summers-Glass

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