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September 2021

Chairman's Report

Well, things move on and Dave Stubbins has retired as Chairman as of the AGM held at the beginning of October and Jack Summers-Glass (that's me, by the way) has taken over. As you no doubt know, Dave was Chairman for almost 12 years and has not gone away - he is still very much involved in the Branch but has decided that he has so many other interests, it was about time to pass the reins over to someone else.

Yes, I know that I am Editor and Webmaster too but somehow, in these times, the roles work together so I am looking forward to getting even more involved in the Branch. I don't mind using the term 'Chairman' although these days, 'Chair' seems a bit more appropriate but changing all the references throughout the system would be an up-hill struggle so for now, 'Chairman' it is! It is good that Furness Branch has all the main roles filled, albeit with some roles shared, but it is sad that we don't have more younger members around as I feel a lot of people think that CAMRA is an old person's organisation, which is completely wrong. You know, most of us were young when we started campaigning for quality cask ale and nothing has changed really, just we are getting older. It is so important to keep supporting not just cask (or 'real if you like') ale but the pubs that serve it. We have some amazing breweries and many fantastic pubs in this country and in particular in Cumbria and the least we can do it to encourage those who haven't tried it to sample what's out there!

Furness CAMRA isn't just about Beer Festivals (fingers crossed for 2022) but the whole pub/cask ale experience. I'll probably see you around over the next few years so please say 'hello'. We're a friendly bunch.

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