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September 2021

The Prince of Wales Foxfield - Latest

We are hoping to be able to bring you regular updates on the progress being made in one of our favourite pubs that has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. For a while, we had no idea what was happening but things now appear to be moving ahead so we have been promised regular progress reports from the new owners.

October 11th 2021
There was an open presentation in Broughton tonight where the new owners and the architects brought everyone up-to-date and along with around 50 locals, a number of Furness CAMRA members were able to attend, including our Chairman and the branch pubs officer.

The presentation was interesting and it was emphasised that the developers wanted to keep the feeling of the 'old' Prince and not re-invent the pub. However, since the building is not in great condition, a lot of work will be needed to make sure that it is structurally sound, which is why there has been a long delay - as time goes along, more problems are being found but it seems that they are now in a position to make plans for the refurbishment. We have been assured that although a lot of things need replacing (floors, roof, walls etc) the plan is to retain the main look-and-feel of the pub, including retaining features of the bars and decor that won't be substantially different. For example, the developers do appreciate things like the bar-top and station signs have a heritage and will not be scrapped.

We have seen the plans and although there will be significant changes such as re-purposing the breakfast room as the Snug, re-working the entrances (not replacing the front entrance from the Station!) to include accessibility changes and to relocate the brewery within the building plus providing car-parking and cycle storage, there is nothing on the face of it to suggest that the 'new' Prince would be a totally different experience. Of course, ultimately this will depend on how it is run!

Much was made of the move to more environmentally friendly improvements like re-cladding to provide insulation and changes to the kitchen to move away from gas as well as replacing the roof. Plans are in place to up-rate the letting rooms and to hopefully provide a shared accommodation space in the upper portion of the pub to provide accommodation for, as an example, cyclists and walkers.

There was also mention of the external appearance of the pub once the cladding (rendered) is in place and no decision has yet been made as to the colour of the building but this will probably be as a result of further discussions with local groups (The Prince is not currently in the National Park), some talk was made of white or dark green as an option.

Obviously, this is in the planning stage but current projections are for work to begin in early January 2022 with a completion date of summer 2022. As far as the brewery is concerned, we don't think they have a handle on how long this could take as we know how long getting a brewery up-and-running could take but this isn't necessarily a show-stopper at the moment.

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