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Jan 2021

An occasional break from the usual with a bit of nostalgia from Terry Ridal

RAF 1940

  • At twenty one you reached the top
  • Your fight began where the others stopped
  • You need no medals,crosses,bars
  • Your fame is written in the sky with stars.

  • A scant few falcons lived and died
  • Yet every day gained new renown.
  • Whist those earthbound heaved a single sigh
  • They shot a brace of bombers down.

  • Now time has healed those ravaged times
  • But our thanks no less now than then.
  • All mankind should kneel and pray
  • Such times will never be again.

  • But should insanity again prevail
  • And the world betremble with battles clamour
  • Should new young falcons be asked to fly
  • May they take their lead from your heart and Valor

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