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September 2021

What happened to the Ulverston Beer Festival this year?

We had been hoping to run a beer festival in September 2021 but, regrettably, circumstances dictated that this would have been impossible.
Obviously, we are disappointed, as no doubt are you all but it just wasn't feasible this year. Although things do seem to be improving as the year progresses, it is now too late to do anything for this year.

Why didn't we run one? Well, given the various restrictions that would still have applied at the venue, we couldn't see any way that we could run a Festival without losing a fortune and on top of that, it would not really have been the same what with seriously reduced numbers, social distancing and possibly even mask-wearing while not sitting at a table.
On top of that, we would have had to provide a fresh glass every time we poured a beer and we just wouldn't have had the resources to do this.

Please bear in mind that the work on organising the Festival starts long before the actual date in September and decisions had to be made based on the information that we had at the time

Hopefully, things will continue to improve so that we will be able to start planning for 2022 - we certainly want to run the Festival then but ultimately, we are dependent on so many things that we just need to be optimistic and hope for better times so that 2022 will see the return of the Ulverston Beer Festival in all its glory!

We do have a dedicated website for the Ulverston Beer Festival but this only really wakes up during the Festival where you can find out what beers are on offer and if they are available at the time that you look at the site. Information is updated in real-time so as long as you refresh your page, you can see what's available live.
For most of the year, this site just shows a front page just to make sure you know it is still there! If you want to see it, just go to ubfest.uk

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