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September 2021

Any sign of the printed version of InnQuirer?

The last printed version of InnQuirer was in February 2020. Since then we have been unable to produce a version because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Although things have improved there is not a lot we can do at the moment as producing a magazine is more that just putting it together. Of course, we need content and previously, most of that was from volunteers who went on trips, brewery visits etc. and that hasn't really be possible up to now.
Things are gradually improving and it is starting to be able to gather some information to turn into pages but that is now not the real issue. With pubs only just starting to get back to some form of normality we still don't know who will be happy having paper copies to pass around and that will be the first step in InnQuirer's return. Once we are confident that it is worth printing a run (previously we printed between 3,000 and 3,500 per issue and that all has to be distributed!) then we can start to look into planning for the next issue.

Printing alone is costly and that has to be covered by advertising revenue so that is the second step, getting advertising from existing and maybe new sources; that will take some time to arrange and will probably not happen until 2022 as pubs and breweries need to get back on their feet before we can approach them in all honesty.

As you can see, there is a lot or work to do before InnQuirer returns and that is why this website exists - to bring you some updates and information and to make sure everyone knows where we stand in the current situation.

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