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September 2021

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Not getting any contact from CAMRA or Furness Branch?

If you are a CAMRA member, particularly if you joined in recent times, you may not be getting any email updates or information from us in Furness Branch or even from the main CAMRA office.

The most likely reason is that, when you applied or renewed, you decided to un-tick the box asking if you wanted to receive emails from CAMRA. Because of recent legislation, we cannot email you with information if you did this (it is illegal!). If you are anything like the rest of us, you probably thought that it would make sure that you didn't receive lots of junk mail but, in fact, it completely stops us from sending out emails to you.

Unfortunately, at branch-level, we do send out emails with details of Branch meetings, trips and the like so you will miss out on these. Of course, this may be what you want which is OK but if you were wondering why we don't keep you 'in-the-loop' then this is probably the reason.

We know that at present, nothing much is happening because of the pandemic but normally we send out emails to members, at least with the minutes of each Branch meeting and notification of future meetings or trips that you may be interested in.

How do I change this? - Just go to the CAMRA main site and log in with your membership number and password. You can then change your details and preferences.

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